Blogs only work if….

Hey Guys,

So this may seem glaringly obvious, but blogs only seem to be effective if people actually engage with you. Apart from me taking it personally that people find my post irrelevant or boring, this certainly highlights a limitation of their use as part of our pedagogy.

So as teachers, what can we do to minimise this as I tend to believe the students who are either socially isolated or ICT illiterate could be significantly disadvantaged with heavy use of such technologies?

Do we as teacher subscribe to our students’ blogs? Or would that likely curtail  their use?
Would we allocate students with blogs they must subscribe to and contribute to? Or should we provide students with options or choices so that they are not crucial to completing a learning experience?

This only reinforces my belief that ICT’s should only be in place to enhance learning, and not become inseparable from it.

Again, thoughts guys…



One thought on “Blogs only work if….

  1. I agree with only using ICT to enhance learning. I feel that in some classrooms, ICT is taking over and students are not learning the basics like writing. As teachers it will be a fine line with using ICT to enhance and compliment lessons rather than being the focus point.


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