ICT really is embedded in what we do…

So life has been a little crazy over the last month, but we box on…
Having let EDC3100 slip over the past few weeks as I have had to juggle 3 other subjects, been away competing and experienced significant relationship challenges I found myself stressing about this subject, and this damn Blog. As is often the case, i put aside what was more difficult and focused on what I was familiar with. However having submitted 4 assessments in 2 weeks I accepted that i had to turn and face this task and it was then that i had the stark realisation that by simply engaging in my other courses and making good use of my resources it turns out that i was engaging in many ICT’s without even consciously doing so. I suppose the point I am trying to make is two fold.

Firstly, ICT’s really can be very powerful tools in communication, research, and presentation.  I think it is no coincidence that when the chips are down we turn to what we know works best. 2 years ago when i started studying I literally had no idea what an ICT was, and by the beginning of this year, i knew it was part of our curriculum but I was very keen to know what Chris Dann’s definition of it was so that I could align my thinking.  Having a huge tidy up in my study earlier this week the comment was made by my son, “Daddy you said you were doing uni work, why aren’t you on your computer?” It was at this point it dawned on me that almost my entire academic life is spent in front of this laptop whether it being using email, studydesk, Work, Powerpoint, WordPress, Googlechrome, youtube, Wikipedia (admit it, we all check it out if we’re not sure), Eduroam, Gmail or any of the many databases i frequent. It would appear by engaging in the world around me and being prepared to have ago I am actually ICT competent. Is this not the outcome we want for our own students?

Secondly, should we be viewing ICT as something new? Or, should we be actually viewing it as just another way to achieve our goals? In designing units and lessons, should we be making ICT a priority, or should we actually be demonstrating it enormous power but still leaving students with choices as to how they will engage with technology? As someone who approaches their studies with slightly less orthodox methods, I believe our pedagogy must embrace ICT so students learn it’s power and the associated skills, but I also believe that we need to design content that still has the scope to be differentiated for these students who struggle with ICT’s.

Thoughts guys? Very keen to hear them 🙂


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