3 weeks of false starts and we are away…

So we are now in week 4 and only now am I starting to get traction. As the purpose of EDS3100 is to explore the uses and potential and usefulness of ICT in education I decided to throw myself into it and embrace it as much as possible.
To be honest, I have struggled. I have not struggled with the content, but rather the mode of delivery. The first step of this digital experience was to rely entire on my Studydesk and just work through the content provided in a logical and thorough manner, not just in EDS3100, but in all 4 of my courses this semester.
A few things that have made an impression on:

  • The digital age that we find ourselves in provides so many opportunities to access resources and a seemingly endless number of ways to engage with the world and those around us. I have a question about Assignment 1 so I am faced with wading through masses of material on the studydesk in the hope to find what I need, I can email one of the staff, I can ask the question on the Forum, I can do internet search, or I could post the question here. This all sounds wonderful, but what I have discovered is that you are dependent on not only other people engaging with you, but the right people engaging.
  • The quality of personal relationships you build with your peers is far less.
  • There is a very real risk of getting the wrong information.
  • Although this may better cater for types of learners, it certainly makes it more difficult for others.
  • My other 3 courses, 2 education and 1 humanities, heavily rely on ICT and I am left wondering whether or not in our haste to embrace this technology are we diluting those courses real purpose or are we genuinely making them more relevant, meaningful and accessible. I just don’t know

One thing is for sure though, ICT is here to stay so if I want to keep moving forward with what is genuinely important, I better get on board whether I like it or not.  Sometimes it’s a matter of picking your battles and recognising what you can change and what you can’t. Swimming against the tide is ok and certainly has nobility to it, but there comes a time that you need to swim with the tide so as not to ultimately drown.